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about CSS backgrounds, and background-images.

What is negative space in CSS?

Negative space in CSS refers to the area around and between elements, where no content or graphics are displayed. This area can be created using margin and padding properties.

How is padding used to create negative space?

Padding is the space between the content and the border of an element. By adding padding to an element, you can create space around the content, effectively creating negative space.

Can negative space be created using margin?

Yes, margin is another CSS property that can be used to create negative space around an element. By adding margin to to an element, you can create space outside that element.

How does line-height affect negative space?

Line-height is the amount of space between lines of text within an element. By increasing the line-height, you can create more negative space between lines of text.

Can negative space be used to improve website design?

Yes, negative space can be used to improve website design by creating a more visually appealing layout. By adding more space between elements, the design can look less cluttered and more organized. Negative space can also be used to draw attention to certain elements on the page.

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